Nutritious Frozen Banana-Berry Dessert

This week’s Tuesday Tips is all about treating yourself to a nutritious frozen banana-berry dessert. It’s easy to make, too!

Frozen Banana-Berry Dessert Smoothie

Most people consider “nutritious” outside the realm of fun and delicious. “If it’s good for you then it doesn’t taste good.” I can see why that would be, what with health trends seemingly always pointing to foods that are not conventionally appetizing, but I can tell you with delight and confidence that it’s simply not true.

On track with easing into healthy eating habits, I’m very excited to share with you the Frozen Banana-Berry Dessert. 

Who among us, young or old doesn’t enjoy a frozen treat? It’s not an exotic indulgence you can have only when all of your time, effort, and occasion stars align. It’s actually a very low effort concoction bursting with nutrients, and I don’t think you need much convincing that it tastes awesome!  After you make one, you won’t believe that this frozen dessert has eluded your daily routine.

We’re going to continue with our theme of no recipes. The general guideline I present you with is that for cost-effectiveness, the base ingredient be frozen bananas. (Arrested Development fans rejoice.) You can peel and freeze them whole, and then cut them up, or cut them up and then freeze them. Note: a little browning is normal.

But you are certainly not limited to just bananas. Most of the flavour will come from other frozen fruits. Blueberries are a favourite in our household, but you can use mangoes, strawberries, or any other fruit that’s available. How much of each? Experiment!  See what flavours mesh, how much satisfies your tastebuds. If you have fresh fruit and want a frozen treat, simply add a few ice cubes to give your concoction a nice chill.

Bro-Tip: When fruits are in season (cheap) buy in great quantities and freeze them yourself. They should keep in the freezer for quite a while.

If just fruit is bland for your palette, you can add a little honey. Also good is vanilla extract, depending on what other flavours you have whirling around.

For extra nutritional value, you’ve got some options. You can add whey powder for protein. Note: Some protein powders contain unhealthy amounts of sugar. You can be sneaky and stash Spinach or Kale in your frozen banana-berry dessert. Your kids (or finicky kid-at-hearts) will never suspect the presence of healthy greens. For a dose of probiotics a dollop of yogurt is great, but watch you don’t over-do it as yogurt can take away from that delightful frozen treat texture.

Frozen Banana-Berry Dessert Frozen Fruits in a Blender

So there you have it, a guilt-free super frozen dessert that’s as easy to make as it is tasty… and nutritious.

Do you have a special blend of frozen fruits and flavours that you use to make a delicious and nutritious frozen dessert or smoothie? Share with us in the comments below!

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