DIY Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is winding down, and where we live there isn’t a hint of fall in the air. The kids are excited about getting back to school, so we are enjoying the buzz of fresh beginnings, and our littlest is about to start junior kindergarten. Our family has devoted August to being as lazy as we can – no over-planning, no knocking ourselves out. We want long days in the sun, great opportunities for connection with each other, time for reading frivolous books (is there really such a thing?) on worn blankets under a tree. We’ve made a commitment to spending less time plugged in and more time tuned in for the month of August, so we thought it was a perfect time to round up some of our favorite DIY summer outdoor activities for kids.

DIY Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

DIY Summer Activities for Kids

Pallet Projects

I know a parent or two out there who loves to unwind by getting their hands into a project. There are so many fabulous ways to upcycle wooden pallets in this round up by Architecture Art Designs, we couldn’t just pick one. Some of them are even for indoor use, so you can carry on the building into the early fall. Our Eco-Safe Wood Treatment or Weathered Wood Finish is a natural and non-toxic way to complete these projects if you prefer a more rustic look.

Giant Four-in-a-Row

Inspired by one of my favorite childhood games, this tutorial for a giant four-in-a-row game makes me wish I had more time for building. I can totally imagine the delight of all of my kids (ages 3-12) playing this, and if I know us grown ups, it would be impossible to keep us away.

Sponge Bombs Away

I just can’t get behind the wastefulness of balloons, and sprinklers seem like another outrageous waste of water to me. If your kiddos need a cool down, why not consider a couple of buckets and these super easy to make sponge bombs? We made them with the kids last summer, and they were such a hit. Just be sure to use twine or string to hold them together so there are no scratchy bits.

Giant Bubble Wands

My almost-four-year-old son loves bubbles, but he insists on having someone else do all the blowing while he chases them around. What a little prince. Imagine his delight if we could create GIANT bubbles? His older siblings would even be excited, and the photo ops would be priceless.

Interchangeable Water Wall

It’s amazing to me how much time a little one can spend pouring water. I mean, how long has it been since anything so simple has captivated you so completely? It kind of makes me feel jealous, actually. Here’s a fun and clever way to repurpose plastic containers and this water wall can be configured in a million different ways.

From our Tall Earth family to yours, enjoy these last few days of summer vacation. Drink up the carefree laughter and relentless energy of the children in your life and wind down together as you look forward to another school year.

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