DIY Cleaning Products

Has spring cleaning taken hold of your household yet? With a quiet weekend on the horizon, we’re gearing up to tackle all of those nooks and crannies, and in our home we love to get our little ones involved in tidying up. Those precious little hands are one of the reasons we’ve been making our own simple, natural DIY cleaning products which are safe for our whole family to use. It only takes a few basic ingredients to get the job done, and leave the house smelling fresh. Anyone can replace toxic cleaners with simple natural alternatives that are safe for both people and pets.  We’ve even included a DIY cleaning product shopping list at the end of this post.

DIY Cleaning Products
69 DIY Cleaning Products (Popsugar)
This is a great collection of simple cleaning products you can make at home. If you visit the link below on a computer instead of a smaller device,  you can choose to view the entire list of recipes on one page rather than as a slide show.

One Stop Infographics
This awesome infographic for Anglian Home in the UK not only lists some simple recipes for just about every household need, they also explain the science behind why each cleaner works.
Free Printable Labels (
You’ll love how neat and organized your DIY cleaning products look with these lovely labels by The Handmade Home. You can find them here:
DIY Cleaning Product Labels
Click here for our free DIY Cleaning Product Shopping List

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