6 Inspiring DIY Outdoor Summer Projects

Here at the Tall Earth Blog, we’ve been browsing DIY outdoor summer projects looking for inspiration. We’ve gathered some fabulous ideas to share with you. And we’re so grateful to all the DIYers out there posting about their creative projects.

6 Inspiring DIY Outdoor Summer Projects

We love DIY projects. We love how they give us a chance to get creative. We love experiencing that feeling of having made something beautiful, useful, and unique, with our own two hands. And we love the way that DIY projects so often involve upcycling, reusing, and repurposing, all of which reduce our waste-impact on our planet.

6 Inspiring DIY Outdoor Summer Projects

1. Antique Milk Can Side Table

This side table/umbrella holder by Stef at thegirlinspired.com uses an antique milk can filled with stones as the base and a round piece of wood drilled through the centre to hold an umbrella. It’s a beautiful, unique piece that got us thinking about umbrella holders for sunny afternoons on the patio. We think a weathered finish on the wooden tabletop would also look gorgeous. DIY Outdoor Summer Furniture Milk Can Side Table by girlinspired.com


2. DIY Outdoor Patio Bar Cart

We thought this outdoor bar cart by Cassie at hisugarplumsblog.com was a great way to spruce up an old shelf cluttering up your indoor space and bringing it outside where it can be lovely and functional.

DIY Outdoor Summer Projects patio bar cart by hi sugar plum


3. Build a Tree House

Maybe you’re feeling really ambitious or are looking for a project you can really get into, this could be an exciting way to spend some outdoor DIY building time. We found this how-to guide at popularmechanics.com and thought it was a good place to start. This article by Family Handy Man also has some great building advice and touches on pointers for being kind to the tree you’re building on as well as some really important safety tips. Maybe this will be the summer you live this childhood dream and make it come true for your kids :). Be safe and use a wood treatment that’s kid-safe, pet-safe, and eco-safe.

DIY Outdoor Summer Projects - Tree House popularmechanics.com


4. Or Build a Gnome Home!

An entire tree house might feel like too big a home to build this particular summer. But you and the kids in your life (including your inner kid!) might love the idea of building a gnome home. We found this amazing guide by Jennifer Pilcher, filled with beautiful storybook gnome homes and ideas to help you build yours. We think some weathered wood finish would beautify any gnome home and we’re pretty sure that gnomes love the weathered wood look because it’s just so cozy and inviting.

DIY Outdoor Summer Projects Ideas Gnome Home


5. Repurposed Outdoor Tire Coffee Table

This coffee table by Morgaine at madcapfrenzy.blogspot.ca made us happy just looking at it. The colour and style are so exciting and the unique repurposing of tires makes this a statement piece for sure. This project makes us want to get colourful and take a chance with our imaginations for repurposing stuff we find in the world.

DIY Outdoor Summer Projects Tire Table


6. Adirondack Pallet Chair

Pallet projects are so much fun because there are many extraordinary ideas for making beautiful pieces inexpensively. And by reusing pallets you know you’re reducing waste. That feels great. You’ll find this gorgeous Adirondack/Muskoka chair at 1001pallets.com. It’s a beautiful summery piece that makes you think of a weekend at the cottage. Even if you decide to build it for your backyard, there’s a tranportative quality about it that takes you right into fun and relaxing summertime memories. There are lots of super outdoor pallet projects that you can find at this fun DIY website and here. We think this chair would also look lovely and rustic with a weathered wood finish!

DIY Outdoor Summer Projects DIY Chair

Well, there you have it! Some fun DIY inspiration for outdoor summer projects. If you’re working on a DIY summer project we’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Let’s connect!

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